Deafening Silence

He remembers clearly
The sound of music
Simple melodies
Flats and sharps

He remembers
The lilt
Of a flute
The alleluia
Of the choir
His soul

He remembers
The strum of guitars
Piano at his grandma’s house on Sunday afternoon
The way each note fits
Like pieces in a jigsaw puzzle
A rich symphony

He remembers
The love that each sound inspired
The simple joy within his heart
The dizzying ecstasy
Of perfect harmony
The whirlwind

He remembers
The thrill of the orchestra
Of hearing the culmination of so many months
Long days and nights
Spent alone
Poring over the sheets and staffs
For this moment
Of satisfaction

But all he has
Is what he remembers
For the music died
When the soundless prison
Surrounded him for eternity
The silence is deafening


One Response to “Deafening Silence”

  1. That is beautiful, painful, and insightful.

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